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Luthien Bono's live journal

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So if any of you have read any of my entries you'll know by now that I live in Finland, a country in the north east corner of Europe, a land of great beauty with it's thousands of lakes one of which we live on the shores of! And forests that has bought prosperity to this small nation. Nokia cellphones are of course Finlands best known products, I have one naturally!

I'm half Finnish on my mothers side and my father is English. I was born in Wimbledon, London, England exactly a year after our very own Larry Mullen jnr.! I have just the one sibling my brother Raimo who lives with his wife and son in Savonlinna. And I work as a gardener for our local church.

As I've already in my first entree, I've been a U2 fan for almost 19 years, it was seeing U2s With or without You video in the autumn of 1988 that finally got me hitched! I was totally mesmerized by Bono and the song that I had to find out more about this band and I haven't looked back since!!

And again as I briefly mentioned, I've seen U2 live 6 times and met Adam, Edge and Bono. First U2 concert was in 1993 in Stockholm, the second and third time was in Helsinki and Dublin 1997, next came their wonderful, although of course melancholy, Slane Castle gig in 2001 and 5th time was Copenhagen in 2005 and the last concert was at Berlin's Olympic Stdadium in July 2009!!

Apart from U2 I also like other bands/artists such as R.E.M., Pet shop boys, The Police, Sting, Enya, Dido.

My favourite actors are Kevin Costner, the very lovely Richard Armitage, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom.

My favorite actresses Jenifer Garner and Cate Blancett.

I'm a huge JRR Tolkien fan and have bought every one of his books I've managed to come across, in both Finnish as well as English. The latest addition being The Children of Húrin.

I also have a huge collection of Agatha Christie novels, again both in Finnish and English.

Have the complete works of William Shakespeare, also a smaller translation of some of his works in Finnish.

My favourite books of all time are Richard Adams Watership Down and JRR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings.

Also like Jane Austen, Sergeannne Golon(especially his Angelika series!) and Anthony Trollope.

My favourite movie of all time is of cause Peter Jackson trilogy of The Lord of the Rings.

Other favourite movies include Dances with Wolves, Close Encounters of the third kind, Star Wars trilogy, Rattle and Hum, and Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, to name but a few!

I also a love cats! We've had many cat's over the years, at the moment we have two, at girl cat named Marigold (after one of Samwise Gamgees children!)and a boy called Robbie named after Robbie Williams, who happens to be one of my Dads favourite singers, God only knows why!?!

And of course I love gardening! I never happier than when I'm elbow deep in some nice fresh peat!!

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